Breathable Closet Organizer, 3 Drawer, Damask

SKU: CAMZ35290
Pack Size: 1 pc/pk
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Non-woven closet storage with drawers measures 12x12x8" with two different drawer options to choose from. Storage containers come with two drawers, top & bottom or three drawers with the top drawer divided into two separate drawers. Storage drawers are made to hold socks, underwear, jewelry, ties, craft or sewing supplies, accessories, or anything else you might need to organize or tuck out of the way. These storage containers can easily sit on a dresser or a closet shelf and has a neutral design and color to fit in with any decor. These durable and sturdy closet storage bins are made to last and will not easily tear or loose shape. The seams are stitched and reinforced for additional strength and support. Storage bins are ideal when there is limited space to work with. Whether you live in a small apartment, dorm, or house finding extra space can be tricky. Storage bins are made to fit easily under most bed frames, or can be tucked away in closets or other narrow spaces.


A GREAT SIZE FOR YOUR NEEDS: Non woven closet soft storage with drawers in damask print is 12x12x8" with two different drawer options

DURABLE & STURDY: These bins are made to last and will not easily tear or pull out of shape

PUT TO A VARIETY OF USES: Quickly and easily store under the bed, in the bottom of wardrobe, basement, attic or loft: Perfect to store an assortment of items

OPTIMIZE SPACE: If you are limited on storage space, used under the bed storage to organize seasonal clothing, holiday decorations, & linens